Faux Marble Cladding

by Backlit DecorTM

Our Artists' Specialty

Like fingerprints no two pieces will ever look alike.



Thinking about having a wall, ceiling, niche or an entire lobby faux painted/ marbleized?

Finding a painter who can do what you want may be difficult. Painting technique, colors, long term color protection of the painted item(s) are all issues in question, so is the mess that may be created by some painters.

The easier solution to a successful installation is to check our colors below, if you like one, order a sample and you'll see precisely what you will get.If on the other hand you have a specific different color in mind, send us an image and our artists will determine whether they can simulate that image.

The next step would be to provide dimensions and what pattern your project may require, i.e. staggered, stacked, smaller or larger (up to 4 x 8 foot) blocks and info whether the substrate is flat or curved, which would determine the material thickness. We then lay out the project as required, send you the parts and you can have them glued to the wall in a snap. No mess. Our panels are alwys color protected either with commercial Acrylics or Epoxies.


Faux Marble Panels can be attached to virtually any surface.

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