Faux Onyx Backlit


Faux Onyx is our most versatile material made from integrally colored resins. This material has a wide range of uses and is easy to maintain. We fabricate all surface materials in-house and have extensive color development capabilities.

So if you do not see your preferred color on our website, email us an image and we'll get with our artists and see whether we can duplicate it. Depending on the requirements, this process may take time and could get quite pricey. That's why we have as our motto:

We have what others don't and do what others won't


Technical Details:

Typical thickness: 1/4" or  3/8"
Weight: 1.3  lbs per SF
Sheet size: 48" x 96"

Depending on the usage, this material can be laminated to translucent Acrylic of specified thickness in order to increase impact resistance.

Recommended uses:     

Bar Faces
Bar Tops
Bar Backdrops/ Shelves
Ceilings (floating)
Ceilings (panels)
Ceilings (tile)
Columns (rectangular only)
Head Boards
Main Entry Decors
Reception Desks
Room Dividers
Shower Stalls

Stair Risers
Table Bases
Table Tops
Vanity Tops
Wall Ornaments
Walls (entire walls)
Wine Room Backdrops

Not recommended in areas with prolonged UV exposure.


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