Natural Onyx

by Backlit DecorTM

and its unmatched beauty will

Add a Visual Punch to your Home

In order to enhance translucence and emphasize the natural beauty, our product consists of laminate with a thin layer (about 5 to 6mm) of Onyx attached to Acrylic of specified thickness but at a minimum of 6mm or 1/4". Total thickness of the laminate is typically about 1/2" which will also result in substantial weight reduction compared to a 3/4"+ solid slab. Book matched projects are providing a particularly luxurious appeal.

We see future maintenance as an important issue

Many "natural" Onyx features as seen i.e. in Las Vegas Casinos consist of permanent installations. The lighting consequently is often very hard, or impossible to maintain which of course renders the piece flawed upon lighting failure. Every light source will fail at some point, That's why we try to plan ahead and offer options to make a future maintenance job reasonable.

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