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Stained Glass "in a NEW light"

Typical installation of stained glass: Exterior windows (so the daylight can make the piece of art shine)

New type of application:

Using LED strips or panels in conjunction with appropriate diffusers and reflectors or light boxes Stained Glass Art can now be displayed in any space, indoors or out, as wall or ceiling art, room dividers or even bar tops. It will light up any area with lavish colors. Designs can be classical, contemporary or anywhere in between.


Product Category: Man-Made Materials    
Stained Glass    

Faux Stained Glass
Glass Stained with Acrylic colors into sections using real lead, soldered joints.
We do not use imitation lead!

Real Stained Glass
various colored glass pieces joined with came (lead H-channel) and soldered joints.

Unlimited Color Range & Patterns
Numerous Sizes
Unlimited Matched Supply
Good Color Match (On Qty.)
Unlimited Designs

stained glass 201a


bar faces
bar tops
bar backdrops/ shelves
ceilings (tile)
main entry decors
pool ornaments
room dividers

shower stalls
table bases
table tops
wall ornaments
windows (office)
windows (church)
windows (residential)

wine room backdrops


More Detail:

Real Stained Glass vs. Faux

To produce real stained glass panels is extremely time consuming, delicate and takes full understanding of color usage as well as a large stock pile of various integrally colored glass with different textures.
Traditional stained glass windows are therefore considered THE most expensive window treatment on the market.

The look of real stained glass vs. faux stained glass is very similar and is now the application of choice.

Faux has many faces, i.e. "lead" being applied as plastic, liquid or other NON-Lead materials. General rule is as usual - you get what you pay for.

We only use real lead strips to separate the colors and solder the joints so the panel looks like the "real thing".



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