RSV Real Stone Veneer® & Lighting

With lighting technology evolving continuously it is our goal to incorporate proven technologies in our products and come up with new and different ideas.

It is no longer enough to stick a neon light behind some material. We can do a lot better.

Take RGB LED's for example (color emitting LED's) which enable us to make the stone appear in different colors with the click of a remote control. If you like your application to show as white Onyx or yellow, you control the appearance. Fade the colors or dim the lights, all no longer a problem.

So here are some of the effects that can be achieved with proper lighting:


  • Different colors
  • Back lighting
  • Back lighting combined with indirect lighting, whereas the indirect light source comes from within the backlit panel.
  • Back lighting combined with indirect lighting whereas the indirect light source comes from an outside location.
  • Indirect Lighting
  • Spot lighting

These methods and more allow us to create a vast array of lighting solutions showing off great natural materials in a way that was never possible before.

To see materials with coordinated lighing:

RSV Real Stone Veneer® Colors

Cebu Pearl™

Faux Onyx Colors




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