RSV Real Stone Veneer® vs Onyx

Onyx is a great material for sure. Its soothing warm glow emitted when backlit makes for a stimulating ambience in many applications.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® when backlit will create a similar appearance.

Both materials have their place in a number of high end applications, neither of them will be a fit for every situation.

Major benefit of our surface materials is light weight, which allows us to plan for easy future maintenance of lighting components. View all of our surface material options and you will see that we can create just about any color desired and color matches for large applications, which is impossible with crystalline materials.


Here are some comparisons:

yellow-onyx-vs-rsv yellow onyx



Warm yellowish glow when backlit Yes Yes
Choice of colors (with backlighting) Many One
Weight (incl. Acrylic) 1 to 2 lbs/ SF 10 to 12 lbs/ SF
Breakability (shattering) No Yes
Substrate complexity None to easy Involved to very involved
Necessary additional support None Depending on slab size
Workability Easy Hard
2-D flexible (small or large radius) Yes No
3-D flexible (small or large spherical) Yes No
Impact resistance High Low
Maintenance Easy Hard to impossible
Transport/ fragility None Considerable
Tooling requirements No machine tools Machine tools
Create stone inlay Yes No
Visible corner joints Minimal Visible
Cold appearance (non-backlit) Sandstone Onyx
Price for Substructure None Considerable
Price (project cost) around 30-40% of Onyx  


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