BD Real Stone VeneerTM

by Backlit DecorTM

Technical Aspects

Real Stone Veneer is authentic sedimentary rock with distinctive veins, never uniform color shading, a sandstone based product which is two dimensionally flexible and allows for a multitude of uses indoors or out. It can be altered/ adapted in a number of ways to accommodate specific design goals. That may be an inlay, a curved bar front or any odd shaped design, building facades, etc. The material is translucent.


Applications as factory pre-cut elements to simulate the look of solid stone blocks (staggered brick, arch, quoin patterns of various sizes) with apparent joints.

Patterns or templates may be supplied to Backlit Decor in order for the material to be pre-cut and laid out.


Due to the fact that this product is based on natural sandstone material, it is changing batch colors.

Technical Details:

Thickness of laminated material: 1/4" to specified thickness of up to 1"
Sandstone portion: 2 to 3 mm
Substrate: min. 3mm or 1/8"
Weight: 1.3 lbs per SF on 1/8" PVC
Sheet size: 39" x 9'
Stone Sealer must be applied to finished surface

Recommended uses anywhere indoors or out:     

Bar Faces
Bar Tops
Bar Backdrops/ Shelves
Ceilings (floating)
Ceilings (panels)
Ceilings (tile)
Columns (rectangular only)
Head Boards
Main Entry Decors
Reception Desks
Room Dividers
Shower Stalls

Stair Risers
Table Bases
Table Tops
Vanity Tops
Wall Ornaments
Walls (entire walls)
Wine Room Backdrops

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