Solid Faux Marble

by Backlit DecorTM

Our Artists' Specialty

Like fingerprints no two pieces will ever look alike.


Faux marble is a man-made material simulating a variety of natural marble which comes in many different colors from white to black and everything in-between.

NOTE: We do not use prints of marble patterns or use film, every part will be a unique piece of art.

Our artists can simulate many different marble patterns and colors, translucent or non-translucent. So if you don’t find the color of your liking in our product categories, send us an image and we tell you whether or not we can replicate it and accommodate your needs, you can even control the direction of striations (i.e. diagonal, horizontal, vertical veins). with it.

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Example of

Real Carrara



Faux Painted Carrara

    real-marble-white-carrara-12a   faux-marble-047-carrara-600  
Installation very difficult due to weight (800 to 1000 lbs/slab)   minimal, installs in minutes, weight: 25 lbs/ sheet  



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