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Natural Materials

real stone veneer collage



Real Stone Veneer

Natural Sandstone laminated to a fiber and resin backing, then laminated to PVC for rigidity. 
Ultra thin (1/8")
Light weight
Flexible (3 dimensional)
Water, frost and heat resistant

Interior and exterior applications
Decorative surface
Environmentally friendly 
Anti static 
Anti analgesic

The raw material

stone veneer rsv material

We do not sell raw material!


bar faces
bar tops
bar backdrops/ shelves
ceilings (floating)
ceilings (panels)
ceilings (tile)
garden ornaments
head boards
main entry decors
pool ornaments
reception desks
room dividers

shower stalls
stair risers
stair treads
stone inlay designs
table bases
table tops
vanitty tops
wall ornaments
walls (entire walls)
wine room backdrops

More Detail:

First off, we produce only entire projects which include:

  • lens or decorative surface
  • back plate (typically sheet metal with a lip all around and welded at the corners and powder coated
  • all lighting components.
  • all necessary hardware to mount the feature
  • special tools if so needed
  • detailed instructions
  • phone support at installation, if needed

We make sure to deliver everything needed for a successful installation and so the installer(s) do not have to leave the job site for additional purchases of any kind.

All of our backlit projects are tested and designed/ adjusted so that the surface material is illuminated properly without showing any LED nodes, cold or hot spots. We are frequently asked to supply the surface while others will do the lighting. For aforementioned reasons and the fact that third parties likely are not familiar with our surface materials, we tend to stay away from that approach.

About the Surface Material

As opposed to tile or slab material which is rigid, monolithic and cannot be altered, our material can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose.

The visible part of a finished product (the lens or decorative surface) consists of three elements:

The backing, i.e. Acrylic, glass, wood, metal, etc. which can be shaped any possible way from flat to wavy, spherical or anything else.

The surface material itself- our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - which can be laid out as desired. Seamless application, altering striations or stone inlay, etc. are no longer an issue.

The surface finish which can be kept naturally course or be treated to be glossy.. In order to make surfaces more impact resistant they can be improved by laminating them with glass, Acrylic, lami glass, etc. Laminated surfaces cannot be 2 or 3-dimensional.

All three components can be controlled individually before or during assembly and are cut, joined or applied with state-of-the-art equipment.





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Architects, Builders, Designers who want to see, touch and feel a real application and show it to a client should consider ordering our Modular Sample Kit:
Sample Kit Info


Coarse vs. glossy


Backlit Stone Veneer Inlay




The term VENEER is used in all kinds of products often times defying the original meaning which is a 'thin covering". Here a quick comparison of major characteristics:



Stone Veneer is not the same as Stone Veneer







RSV Real Stone Veneer® laminated to PVC

Composite Stone Veneer

(we do not sell this type material)

Thickness:   3/8” incl. (1/4”) PVC as carrier 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches 
Available sizes:    max 39” x 96” (more design alternatives) Typically 12 x 24”
Custom sizes:   Yes No
Weight:   About 1 ½ lb. per SF installed About 15 to 20 lbs. per SF installed
Backing structure:   Not required (regular framing ok)  Required
Material:   Flexible Rigid
Apply on curved walls:   Yes (8’ sheet bends to 3’ radius) Yes 
Hardware:   Ring shank brads Masonry ties
Installer:   Finish Carpenter, Millworker, Handy Others Mason
Install time for 500SF   6 hrs. avg.   (full size sheets)   90 hrs. avg.
Skill required:   No Yes
Seams:     Stainless/ brass/ Caulking if any  Grout 
Work Environment:   Clean     Messy    
Designs like inlays, patterns:   Yes No
Surface enhancement
(Epoxy to achieve
smooth finish):
  Yes No
Applications:   Any Surface Walls only

Different colors/ striations/ patterns

All pretty much the same
General looks for


Back-lighting:    Yes  No


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