Chore: Build a shelf backdrop

Client requirement was to create an elegant space for a bar while incorporating a large backlit wall with glass shelving. 

The dividing wall was torn down to open up the space. 

Backlit Feature Dimensions: 83" x 54-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Since the feature dimensions were too large for one panel, it divided into two panels.

The goal was to hide the seam with the glass shelving.

Another requirement was that the feature needed to be dimmable.



Concept Development

An inspiration image was provided by the client so a rendering was produced to represent an idea of how the final product would look like in the proposed area.


process backlit liquor wall 02

Anchoring & Panel Sizes

In cooperation with the contractor and client, our engineers made sure there was enough space to fit both backlit panels on the wall without creating a large gap surrounding it.
Once spacing of the glass shelving was determined, sizes of the panels were adjusted accordingly so the seam would be hidden.
When two or more panels are joined, we incorporate a slot and tab system system to make sure they do not slide apart.



process backlit liquor wall 03
After demolition of the wall, locations for the cabinetry and backlit feature were finalized.


process backlit liquor wall 04

Electrical Layout

Preliminary shop drawings were provided to give an exact location for the electrical hookup.
It is crucial that the junction box is located in an area where it can be accessed for easy hook-up of the wires to the panel.



process backlit liquor wall 05
All features that are produced are extensively tested for faults. Our team makes sure everything is working 100% before it is shipped.


process backlit liquor wall 06

Color Temperature

Variable white LED's were chosen for this project to allow for multiple color temperatures.
They range from 3000K (warm white) to 6500K (bright white).
Note: the color temperature makes a dramatic difference.



process backlit liquor wall 07
Everything in this project turned our successful. Installation was done in less than an hour. The client was extremely happy since we handled all aspects feature including:
Lighting, wiring, decorative surface, fasteners, and even special tools(in this case a flexible philips head bit) to make installation easy.


process backlit liquor wall 08

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