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Stuck on a project? Need an idea or solution? Too many companies to deal with? No local expert?

Challenge us, we may be able to assist as your One-Stop-Shop.


Skill sets of our team members:

Surfaces Metal Wood Glass Paint Gilding Plastics
Stone Veneer Steel Frames Stained Glass Faux Marble Artifacts Acrylics
Slate Aluminum Cabinetry Lamination Faux Granite Cartouches Polycarbonates
Onyx Powder Coating Trim   Color Composition Ornaments PVC
Faux Onyx           Forming all
Mother of Pearl            


Where can we ship to?

  Whether you are in Macao, Bangladesh, Australia, Germany or the Philippines - our most distant shipping destinations so far - or here in the Lone Star State of Texas, we can ship our product as long as it fits into a 40' container.


The craftsmen in our lighting, metal & wood shops are at times assigned creating intricate custom pieces made to specifications of designers or clients involving a combination of completely different skill sets.

In a market dominated by mass production and disposability, discerning customers turn to us for the antidote:


Top-quality craftsmanship, functionality, timeless grace,

individual attention and reliability.


Awarded commissions may require some or all of the conditions below:



Odd shapes like rounds or ovals spec-reception-desk-backlit-face-02a


  Reception desk featuring rounded backlit Real Stone front.  Using extremely thin slate material that can be shaped two dimensionally


Matching sets with different functionalities



A TV stand and console had to be matched with the existing faux painted curios (1 left one right hinged).




 Stone inlay work spec-backlit-stone-stove-hood-inlay spec-fireplace-cover-03
  Using our proprietary ultra-thin RSV Real Stone Veneer® we can create Stone inlays of almost any design.


Gold trim or Gilding using 24K Gold spec-ceiling-applique-mix-23 spec-corinthian-gilded-Au-15-ritz-carlton-berlin
  Appliques can be used in a wide array of applications spanning from ceilings & walls to furniture. A multitude of design elements are available to easily and quickly transform any plain space into an extraordinary one. Click here for examples.

spec-ornament-274Transform your home into a "castle". DIY if you are a little handy. The difference from before to after will utterly surprise you!
Note: Minimum order value for appliques (furniture or walls) $1,000.


Backlit Architectural Elements
see our extensive Galleries in menu item "SURFACES"


Faux painted surfaces spec-faux-column-brown




Faux painted columns simulating marble (many color choices!) will transform your space dramatically.
Use an Ionic, Tuscan (as pictured) or Corinthian Cap with it gilded or not.

Chose a barrel, straight or fluted column. Many sizes available.

Owner changed his mind from non-lit rag finish to backlit marble (faux painted Acrylic).

Onyx simulation. Using faux painted Acrylic, almost any color can be replicated.


Why use Faux paint over original materials?
Aside from cost consideration (about 30% of "the real thing") the more important points are a much wider range of color options, color matching capabilities and control of striation direction.


Each of the above tasks individually could likelybe handled by a local wood shop metal worker or painter, however shops that are able to turn out a combination or all of the above are very rare, we are one of them.  


As an example, a specialty wood shop certainlycan produce fantastic furniture but may not be able to faux paint, add backlit sections or have the capability of gilding. By the same token an onyx slab supplier will not make furniture, neither will a faux painter. You get the idea.


Due to the sometimes very challenging nature of backlit projects – our main staple – it is at times required to incorporate features as outlined above, sometimes all of them.
Therefore our metal and wood shops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with experienced artisans and craftsmen who can turn out pieces of unmatched sophistication and functionality.



  We believe in listening to our clients and creating tailored solutions to individual requirements, be it adapting proportions to fit an awkward space, matching a design color, hand-painting a unique pattern or back-lighting an entire inlay stone wall.

We leave the ordinary to mass producers. Call us if you have a special request.

Typical Clientele:
Casinos, Yacht Builders, Designers & Builders targeting the high end Residential and Commercial markets.




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