BD Ultra Thin Slate VeneerTM

by Backlit DecorTM

A Unique Approach to Create Stone Accents

Slate Veneer Cladding

Ultra thin Slate Veneer is a revolutionary new and exciting surfacing product, created by shaving raw material from actual quarried slate into very thin layers which then will be bonded to a fiberglass backing under controlled pressure and heat producing a strong and flexible sheet of veneer. The material can be applied over nearly any solid substrate from concrete to wood, even glass, tile, cabinetry, painted surfaces. Furthermore BD Ultra Thin Slate VeneerTM is two dimensionally flexible and can be formed around large columns and radius walls.

The material has been thoroughly tested and developed as an attractive and functional Slate Veneer for endless interior and exterior applications.


Natural Onyx Real Stone Veneer Thin Slate Veneer

Faux Onyx
 Faux Marble Custom Surfaces

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