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Man-made Materials 


Faux Marble

Hand painted acrylic sheets of various thicknesses  
Example of:
Real Carrara Faux Painted Carrara
    real white carrara marble faux-marble-carrara
very difficult due to weight (800 to 1000 lbs/slab) minimal, installs in minutes, weight: 25 lbs/ sheet

So the intention is to apply marble to any given surface, residential or commercial, i.e. a ceiling, wall, shower stall, niche, dome, coffer, column, door or whatever else, small or large. 

Up to now the common choices  were to apply the real thing which in some cases may be hard to do or even impossible (like curved surfaces) and all of them certainly very costly. Alternatively you could hire a faux painting professional.

Now there is an additional choice: Prefabbed Faux Marble Panels.

These are actually PVC or Acrylic panels that are hand painted to specs. Colors, patterns (type of marble), shapes, run of striations, etc. sizes (up to 4 x 8ft), you name it, we do it.

Why would this be an option to consider?

  1. The type of marble selected may not be available in the quantities needed,
  2. Paint allows for a much wider range of colors than natural slabs.
  3. Faux painting on site is a somewhat time consuming task. That time may not be feasible. Our panels install in minutes!
  4. There may not be a faux painter in the area,
  5. Elevated (out of reach) areas, i.e. lobbies. In areas without mechanical impact it is irrelevant what the consistency of the material is.
  6. Our Faux Marble Panels are extremely light weight and flexible, they drape easily over curved walls and do not require any substructure like slabs do.
  7. Entire sets of panels can be pre-cut, i.e. wall cladding to fit the design space and thereby saving a lot of install time and errors.
  8. The panels can be applied to almost any surface incl. glass without a mess.
  9. Post construction installation over existing surfaces, i.e brick, bare concrete, tile, etc.
  10. we can control every aspect, even the intensity and direction of veins.

Ask our technicians for tips and creative input if you have an application in mind but not all the answers yet.

Product Category:

Faux Marble

Process: Controlled, various hand painting techniques
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Not backlit
faux painted panels not backlit 01
Material (substrate):
Translucent Acrylic sheet of specified thickness; Solid (closed cell expanded) PVC or plywood of specified thickness, both non-translucent
Panel Size (max.)
4' x 8'; We can cut to specified dimensions
Atypical Applications
We can thermo-form Acrylics 2 & 3 dimensionally (domes, spheres, etc.)
Translucent Colors Solid Colors

Product Category:

Color Composition

Process: Partially controlled (FFCC), wide variety of color options
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Not backlit


Material (substrate):
Acrylic sheet of specified thickness, translucent; PVC or plywood of specified thickness, non-translucent
Panel Size (max.)
4' x 8'; We can cut to specified dimensions
Atypical Applications
We can thermo-form Acrylics 2 & 3 dimensionally (domes, spheres, etc.)
Colors, Patterns & Lighting Options

Bar Faces
Bar Tops
Bar Backdrops/ Shelves
Ceilings (floating)
Ceilings (panels)
Ceilings (tile)
Ceilings (decor)
Columns (rectangular or round)
Head Boards
Main Entry Decors
Reception Desks
Room Dividers

Shower Stalls
Stair Risers
Table Bases
Table Tops
Vanity Tops
Wall Ornaments
Walls (entire walls)
Wne Room Backdrops


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