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So, you never have worked with us before . . .


Here are a few points you may want to consider.

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We have what others don't and do what others won'tTM

Over the last decade or so we used to import literally all of our surface material from Asian countries. During and even after Covid supply chain issues resulted in major production problems and job delays. But in the end -like any other negative will attract a positive- this was a good thing! Because that issue motivated us to start developing and producing surface material in-house.

We now have reached the point that we produce all surface materials in-house. So why would that make much of a difference? There are several reasons:

  1.  We control time lines and are no longer dependent on sea freight and carriers and more impotantly

  2.  We can create virtually any color desired by our clients

  3.  We now can offer design patterns that were not possible before like single or multiple book matches, intensity of colors, direction of striations (veins), application of color & striations across multiple panels, to name a few.


We build complete self contained panels

for projects of various complexities using a variety of very unique materials. May that be a backlit 3 story lobby wall, a backlit shower stall or a custom shelf backdrop, bar top or bar front for a restaurant, bar, hotel reception area or basement bar.


By "complete" we mean shipping everything needed

to install these panels so the installer does not need any other trade to complete the job.

Our panels are complete and consist of surface material, coated metal container, lighting components, diffusers, wiring, controllers, heat sinks and all necessary hardware, in short, everything so the panel(s) can be taken out of the crate, be put in place, plugged in or hard wired and turned on. If so necessary we even include specialty tools. And of course every shipment will come with detailed installation instructions.


Our product is designed to make installation easy

and time efficient. Typically our features are installed by GC crew or millworkers. Knowing how important timing and time consumption is in every project, we make sure installers will not have to leave the job site in order to buy a missing part, hardware, tool, etc.


Future Maintenance

is a crucial part of our design process. After all, any type of lighting will fail at some point in time. Our panels can be disassembled in order to replace failed components.


All parts will be shipped in fully protective wooden crates. The only limitation in terms of size are the dimensions of a 40 foot container.

Information required to get started and receive a budget number:

Usually the first item on the agenda is to get some kind of pricing info. For that we need some idea what you are trying to accomplish. At a minimum we need info about shape and dimension(s) of your project as well as what suitable surface material you could find on this website.

The more details you can provide, the better we can serve you.

I.e.Inspirational images from our galleries or other sources, in case of a remodel mages of the area to be treated, sketches or project blueprints (PLEASE mark areas to be dressed up). We do not go through a 20 page blueprint trying to find some small description of such area(s).

If we have sufficient info you will receive a budget number within 24 hours.

One More Thing . . . 

We believe in first-rate communication and timely follow-up. We always will do our part to fulfill this committment. Our 5-Star Houzz reviews are reflecting customer satisfaction.

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